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Kijani's Photo Caption Contest - Results and Week 4

It's Sunday again???

Okay let's see who emerged as this week's winner... quite a variety of responses this time from Tiger Woods references to leaving cubs unattended...







Juanita: "YOU took the last cookie! And don't say you didn't!"

Jake: *cringes*

At these lions' old age it doesn't take much to set them off, and we could totally see Juanita flipping out over the littlest thing, like a hungry lion nabbing the last cookie and trying to hide it :)  And as you know, lions LOVE cookies!

Congrats Wappa, and you're now entered into the grand prize drawing as well.

And here's Week 4!

These are the two new lions again, Kalisa and Hubert - here we have a very lazy Hubert laying down for a catnap and Kalisa looking down on him with an expression of disgust and/or irritation.

For this week, please include lines for BOTH lions (thought bubble for Hubert is okay), but what is Kalisa saying and how does Hubert respond?
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Kalisa: Hey there, sexy!

Hubert: *groggy* huh?