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Kijani's Photo Caption Contest - Results and Final Week!

Two weeks have gone by, and it's time for... yes... the FINAL installment of the caption contest - week 8.

Yes, I know... but it's been fun and we have a great final session planned that everyone will love. First things first, let's take a look at last week's picture and pick a winner!

A general theme of laziness and "bossitude" for our male lion here was common among all entries, and while all of them were great... we thought that


and his (at least I think it's a "his," if I'm wrong correct me Wappa) response:

Hubert: "Honey, while you are up, get me a sandwich."

Kalisa: *grumbles*

took the cake! This is soooo reminiscent of the fat, lazy American dad plopped down on the couch in front of the TV yelling at his wife... "hey while you're in the kitchen... grab me (insert food item here)"


So no new winner this week since Wappa's already in the final drawing, but for the final week we'll have DOUBLE the chances, that's right, we'll have two pictures instead of one for you to submit your clever captions to.

The first one is our traditional lion shot...

And it's a painful one, these are the two geriatric (as in, super-old) lions again, Jake and Juanita, and Jake seems to have taken a liking to nomming on Juanita's ear and she winces, obviously in pain. What the heck could be going on here?

And the second one is actually NOT lions for once, but a pair of cute Snow Leopard cubs only about 6 months old at the time of this picture!

Their names are Batu (on the left) and Gobi. Here, Gobi is fiercely protecting the pumpkin treat that the two of them got for Halloween, and Batu is feeling the wrath of his (selfish) brother.

For both entries, I'd prefer lines for both animals.

Allrighty, this is it, so let's go out with a bang and a LOT of responses and good luck to everyone! After this session is tabulated, we'll do the grand prize drawing so we know who wins the 8.5x11 print of their favorite contest Photo.

Have fun!
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