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The Lion (and Dragon's) Den - A Furry Home Tour!

Finally got around to shooting this video of my new place! Just to give you an idea it's about the size of putting my two previous apartments' square footage combined. It's a "rambler" style manufactured home, 3-bed, 2-bath and like 2.5 living rooms. Srsly.

I never bothered to count the number of lions in this house, but it's got to be over 1,000... truly a "Lion's Den." In other words, this house is what happens when a lion and Lion King lover's eBay obsession gets *a little bit* out of hand! Hehe.

Unfortunately my lion roommate Ithabise and I had to part ways but I picked up two new mates, Da'alrakken and Dolphin Echo, who just got out of the Navy. Ironically they're both dragons, and both full of AWESOME (not to mention responsible and mature) and everything's been going really well so far.

Enjoy this little glimpse into the lion's life and I look forward to hearing your comments about our new dwelling!

The New Lion and Dragon's Den - A Furry Home Tour
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