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Kijani's Photo Caption Contest!

Heyaz my fellow leonids,

Starting every Sunday I thought of doing something fun - I'll be posting a funny lion photograph I took and your job will be to post a funny, witty or otherwise clever caption for one, or both, animals. I will be as specific as possible about what you need to caption in the instructions under the photograph. What are they saying?

After a week passes our crack staff here at the Photo Caption Contest will judge all entries and pick the best one for the week (announced at the same time the new photo goes up), with weekly winners entered into a grand prize drawing to receive a professionally printed 8.5x11 photo of any one of your favorite shots from the contest mailed to you for free!

But this was meant to be for fun in the first place so don't take it too seriously ;) and have fun getting into these animals' heads!  I can't wait to see what sort of hilarity your creative minds will come up with!

Week 1 - Jan. 17, 2010

Hubert gives his mate Kalisa a friendly lick on the neck that she seems to enjoy VERY much.  What is Kalisa saying as she roars in delight? And feel free to add a "thought bubble" for Hubert if you want (what he's thinking) but this isn't required.

Oh... and this contest will also be running through a Lion King forum and also the lion_furs group so all entries will be combined for judging.
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