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Kijani's Photo Caption Contest - Results and Week 2

Happy Sunday... and it's time once again for Kijani's Lion Photo Caption Contest!

Wow, what a fantastic response for the first week!  In all there were 18... that's right, count 'em EIGHTEEN total submissions. 

This made our judges' job especially difficult, as you could imagine there were a number of great responses that made our panel smile and LOL on first read but in the end we had to pick just one...

and without further ado the winner is.......



For his entry:

Kalisa: "Ooooh Edward!"
Hubert: "Edward!? Who's Edward!?"

Again this was a very, very tough call but our staff chose this one because it was a play on the horror of mistakenly calling out a former lover's name in the heat of the moment.  Here Hubert is clearly trying to get Kalisa "in the mood" with a lick on the nape... and what a mood-killer ;)

I think Hubert will have some words with Kalisa over dinner after that one!

Congratulations Khalfani, you are now entered into the grand prize drawing.  Please keep participating in the contest though!  Should you (or any former winner) win again, the entry will go to the staff's second pick.

Also receiving high votes from our staff were following entries:

NAME:  Leonedar
Kalisa: "Watch the sunburn!!!"

NAME:  Leorgathar
Kalisa: No! no no no! You're doing it WRONG!!!
Hubert: *Sigh*.... women -.-

NAME:  Fendi
Kalisa: You lick me like you're licking some other lion Hubert.
Hubert: I am not Tiger Woods!


And here is Week 2's pic!

A really adorable shot of Kalisa staring straight into the eyes of a little girl, no more than six years old.  Here only one "line" is needed, what is Kalisa thinking as she looks at the girl?  Does she understand the situation or is she just hungry? :)

Week 2 entries accepted from NOW until 11:59pm on Saturday night.  Good luck!
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