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Kijani's Photo Caption Contest - Results and Week 3

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

Another great turnout for Week 2 with 15 responses to choose from in total, and there were so many great ones this time!  So... I'm sure everyone's anxious to hear the winner for last week's pic:

And the one that stood out the most amongst our staff was:

*opens envelope*



"Kalisa: No, this is not the ice cream stand. That map you're holding is 5 years old!"


We thought this was extremely clever because at Woodland Park Zoo the ice cream stands tend to change places a lot and are generally hard to find, but of course all little kids want when they go to the zoo is the ice cream (much to the chagrin of their parents!)  And zoos usually don't change their layout often so the maps aren't regularly updated, and WPZ's is no exception!  That map is literally five years old.

Great job Wolfbaine, and you are now entered along with Khalfani in the grand prize drawing for the 8x10 print of your choice.


Now onto Week 3, probably the best "action" photo I've ever gotten, it was all happening so fast I was shocked the picture turned out!  These are the older lions that have now been moved off-exhibit into quarantine, their names are Juanita and Jake.

So clearly Juanita and Jake have been in a scuffle and Juanita is visibly upset about something and getting all up in Jake's face about it!

What is she upset about?

For this entry please include at least Juanita's line and enter an optional response or thought bubble for Jake if you wish.

Entries accepted from now until midnight next Saturday.  Good luck and have fun with this one!
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