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Kijani's Photo Caption Contest - Results and Week 5

Hey everyone sorry for the delay - I'll be running the Photo Caption Contest every 2 weeks from now on - partly so we don't run out of pictures, and also partly due that the interest has fallen off a bit since the early weeks

Anyway here was week 4's pic:

And although there weren't that many responses just about all of them we received were REALLY good and clever... but I still think we need to pick...

King Simba

For her submission:

Kalisa: "You really are the lyin' king, aren't you?"
Hubert: "What can I say? It's a lion's prerogative.

Very punny!

KS will be entered into the grand prize drawing... and let's see what kinda stuff you guys come with for THIS beauty:

Haha yes, these are the two old lions again, Jake and Juanita, and Juanita catches a glimpse right up Jake's nostrils and gets all bug-eyed while he seems to be saying something.

What is Jake saying, and either include a response or "thought bubble" for Juanita as well.

Have at it!
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