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Now THAT is Dedication!

A photographer spends 270 days in the water of a festering watering hole, contracts every disease and parasite possible, to get pictures of lions.
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While the results and experience were worth it, he came way too close to death or permanent injury! I can't help but think that there are technological ways to achieve that without risk, such as remote cameras. Even if they're under human control for photo composition and zoom, it would reduce the human risk.

An interesting success story of concealed cameras is the one disguised as a tree trunk that an elephant was carrying around.

I thought it was unnecessarily risky too. as you say, technology could have allowed him to be safely away from the watering hole and still able to take pictures. I wonder if he knew how great the risk was when he started. People from other parts of the world have no idea how hostile to health the tropic and sub-tropic regions are. Europeans and Americans think nothing of popping in lakes and ponds since the seasons have a certain cleansing effect and modern sanitation has eliminated the worst threats.

And the pictures aren't THAT special or unique.
I know wildlife photographers have to take chances but this, at least in my book, was not simply a risk, it was stupidity. As has been said waters in such areas of the world are full of very nasty bugs. Having been deployed in Africa I know both from briefs and from experience of others at our base it is very easy to pick up something you really don't want to have. More then one of our people came back to months of treatment for disease they picked up. There's one person I know who will never be rid of what he picked up and he didn't immerse himself in water to get it.

While these are great pictures I can't say they are worth what he subjected himself to. I do hope he makes a full recovery.