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Kijani's Photo Caption Contest - Results and Week 6

Hey!  First off I'm really sorry about the long layoff, and it's about time we got this started back up again!  We'll run it for at least a few more sessions before drawing the grand prize winner.

So here was the last picture...

And the tribe has spoken...

The winner is:


For his entry:

Juanita: "Is that perfume I smell???"
Jake: "Uhh...naw!"

Juanita definitely has that bug-eyed look that something really just caught her attention and her mate stealing her feminine scent would be just the thing to do it. 

Great responses though from everyone, and I KNOW you're all gonna love this next one as it's probably the most captionable pic I've ever taken :lol:

Here Kalisa gives Hubert a nice long lick along his back, but he gives a very human-like lip snarl as he appears to say something to her about this public display of affection.

What is Hubert saying?

I'll try to keep this session at two weeks this time ;)

Have fun and get creative!
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