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Kijani's Photo Caption Contest - Results and Week 7

Wow this might have been the toughest judging period of the whole contest, with SO MANY great responses to this photo as I expected!

And we for the first time have co-winners this week!

For his entry:

Hubert: "Ow ow ow ow! With the grain, with the grain!"

and also...


Hubert: "Hey, Kalisa, not in front of the kids!"

Kalisa: "Oh.... Sorry.." :p

Revo's is funny and cute at the same time, and we ALL know how rough lions' tongues can be, like coarse sandpaper!  I can totally picture him muttering that in that scene.

And *APPLAUSE* for lyonlover (aka Kiwa) for the clever TLK reference!!! It fits great with this photo and there were some kids in attendance at this moment!

And neither of them have won so far so they're both entered into the grand prize drawing!  Congratulations you two, and seriously great job for everyone else, they were all great and it was so hard to narrow it down this time.

So I've decided to run this for TWO more sessions, so here's the next to last photo in the caption contest!

In this capture we can see the roles are reversed as we have a lazy Hubert laid out on the rock ready for a snooze and Kalisa patrolling the territory. 

This time it's pretty open, I'd like submissions to have either thought bubbles or spoken responses from both lions though.  So you can either have Kalisa thinking and Hubert saying something, Kalisa expressing her disgust and Hubert with a thought bubble, etc. 

Go after it and have fun!
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