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Big gallery update... and tails can be educational!

Been a while since I've updated my gallery on FA so I did that last weekend with my best 7 photos I've gotten recently, here's a sample (click on the picture to be able to full-view the higher-res version)

"The Lion that thought he was a Dog"

"In the Distance"

"Look Out Below!"

And finally what I think is my best capture so far this year...

"In Love with a Log"


I've been making it out to the zoo a few times every month and I almost always wear my lion tail along too, and while it usually just provides a few surprised faces and lots of smiles, last Friday it was also the subject of quite an educational opportunity for a youngster.

Sad because the lions were off-exhibit (it was too cold apparently) I was shooting away in the Tropical Rainforest's free-range bird exhibit when I heard a family walk in and the mom, standing behind me, said,

"Hey Cooper, look! What animal is that?"

Being that there were only BIRDS here I knew immediately what she was referring to ;)

Cooper, about 4 years old: "Thats a... thats a TIGURRR!"

Mom: "No, Coop, remember that Tiger we saw, he had stripes on his tail. Lions have an extra piece of dark fur at the end of their tails like he does, so I think that's a lion! Lions don't have stripes"

Cooper: "Wow, Cooool!" (I feel something lightly tug on my appendage)

Mom: "Cooper, don't touch! Do you think lions like to have their tails pulled?"

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